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Joenbruu teams up with Kahvila Rento for a promo event on 12-14 July

Päivitetty: 12. heinä 2019

UPDATE: Rento cancelled the Friday event due to rainy weather.

Ilosaari Rock 2019 is about to start! Our craft brewery is teaming up with Kahvila Rento to bring you a perfect weekend full of good music, local beer, and chillaxing atmosphere. On 12-14.07 we'll be serving Father & Son, which is our very first commercial summer wheat beer. This event is a part of Rentodisco, an absolute must-go for anyone who wants to relax before heading to the festival area. See you on the banks of the Pielisjoki! No entrance fee. #Joensuu #tapahtuma #hyvääolutta #vapaapäsyy

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