Tutustu tuotteihin - Get to know our products

Our mission at Joenbruu is to make good beer. We do this by combining expert knowledge with locally sourced ingredients and pure Joensuu water. We don't compromise on quality. Try us!

Joenbruu products are available in bottles (330 ml) and KeyKegs (30 l)

We Come for Beer is an easygoing dark beer with pleasant coffee and chocolate notes. Not too bitter and not too sweet, just perfect. No wonder it attracts visitors from beyond our galaxy!

Seven Days of Summer is a summer classic. Amber coloured, with a hint of Spanish orange, this beer will refresh you, regardless of weather outside.

. This beer is a union of sweetness with bitterness. Fruity aromas dissolve into heavenly caramel which then gently melts into a not at all unpleasant bitter end.

What's next?

We all like to go out, but right now we can't. So why not just Stay Home and enjoy our new Pale Ale? Polish, Finnish and German hops make it just bitter enough with a bit of a floral aftertaste.

Father & Son is a fun-loving summer wheat beer with more than a hint of hoppy bitterness. The beer is named after Zeus and Hercules, two Greek deities known for their appetite for adventure.

 is zesty fresh, mildly smoky, and herbal, Joulubruu tastes like a crackling fireplace after a long shitstorm on social media. Seasonal product.

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